Toshiba Front Load Washer 8KG Inverter Dark Silver

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Capacity: 8KG


The great waves remarkably protect Cold Wash. Approved by Household Electricity Appliance Research Institute, the decoloring degree is decreased by 39% when selecting THE Great WAVES program. Compared with a universal motor, an inverter motor reaches more than 67% power saving and 10% quieter. With an impeller in the drawer, CycloneMix™ technology makes a great increase in detergent dissolution, hence improving the washing performance.

The steam function is activated to have the inner drum temperature raised and the water flows penetrated deep into fabric fibers. The main advantage of steam scalding is 99.99% sterilizing* and fabric deodorizing.

The feature of wedge connection from the tenon and mortise technique is applied in appearance design. It echoes a precise, seamless connection. Absorbing luxury car design elements, illustrating precise, craftsman spirit of the TOSHIBA brand.

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