About Us

PriceWho aims to transform how people research and find good deals online, to save you - the incessant buyer, thousands of dollars every year. When we set out to build PriceWho, we wanted to ensure that we're solving an actual problem and the end product is genuinely useful for people.

Our mission is to help people find the best products at the best prices. To do this, we run various algorithms to find, fetch and track products, deals, and coupons on the internet.

We do the heavy lifting to gather insights that, in the end, help you make the right decision about your purchase. Whether it's tracking the price of the latest iPhone since launch for every retailer or verifying coupon codes automatically, every few hours at retailers' website to ensure codes are valid for you to use - we do it all.

PriceWho is a free to use platform that consumers can rely on as a credible source of information, helping them save time and money.

We're currently operating in Saudi Arabia and expanding into other regions very soon.