Omo Automatic Active Detergent Oud 2.5KG

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Omo Powder Detergent Automatic – Your Ultimate Laundry Solution!

Achieve sparkling clean and fresh-smelling laundry effortlessly with Omo Powder Detergent Automatic. Specially formulated for use in automatic washing machines, this detergent is designed to deliver exceptional cleaning performance while caring for your clothes.

Key Features:

Powerful Stain Removal: Omo Powder Detergent Automatic is equipped with advanced stain-fighting technology that targets and eliminates tough stains. From muddy sports uniforms to coffee spills, this detergent ensures your clothes come out spotless every time.

High Efficiency: Thanks to its concentrated formula, a little goes a long way. You'll be amazed at how effectively Omo Powder Detergent Automatic tackles dirt and grime, even with small amounts.

Protects Fabric: Harsh detergents can cause wear and tear on fabrics, but not Omo. This detergent is gentle on your clothes, preserving their color, texture, and elasticity, extending the life of your favorite garments.

Fresh Fragrance: Enjoy the delightful, long-lasting fragrance Omo leaves on your laundry. It adds an extra touch of freshness to your clothes, making every wear feel like new.

Quick Dissolving: Omo Powder Detergent Automatic dissolves rapidly in water, ensuring an even distribution of cleaning power throughout the wash cycle. Say goodbye to detergent residue and hello to pristine results.

Suitable for All Fabrics: Whether you're washing cotton, synthetics, or delicate fabrics, Omo Powder Detergent Automatic is the ideal choice. Its versatile formula ensures a thorough and gentle clean for all types of clothing.

Instructions for Use:

Measure: For a regular load, use one scoop (provided) of Omo Powder Detergent Automatic. For heavily soiled laundry, increase the dosage as needed.

Load: Add the detergent directly to the washing machine drum before loading your clothes.

Wash: Set your washing machine to the appropriate cycle and water temperature for the fabrics you're washing.

Enjoy: Once the cycle is complete, marvel at your fresh, clean, and beautifully scented laundry.


Keep Omo Powder Detergent Automatic out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, and in case of accidental contact, rinse thoroughly with water.

Make laundry day a breeze with Omo Powder Detergent Automatic – the dependable choice for a thorough, efficient, and gentle clean that revitalizes your clothes every time! Say goodbye to stains and hello to laundry perfection.

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