Kyvol E31 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2200 Strong Suction

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The Cybovac E31 is equipped with a unique gyroptic™ navigation system, which will enhance your overall cleaning experience. With its high-precision gyroscope, the E31 is able to move in a more accurate zig-zag route while cleaning, leaving no spot untouched. The state-of-the-art optic flow sensor helps calibrate the navigation of the E31 and increases its cleaning efficiency by nearly 30%. The Cybovac E31 is capable of calculating its relative position in the room, and can navigate and clean the house in a logical way so it won't repeat-clean areas it has already visited. Using the magnetic strip, you can set restricted areas of your home where you don't want the E31 to go. As its mulitple sensors detect the boundaries, the E31 will move in another direction.

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