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Mi Smart Scale 2: Precision Body Data Analysis

The Mi Smart Scale 2 offers an advanced solution for tracking your body metrics. This smart scale features dual mode measurement for both people and objects.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Data Analysis: Up to 13 types of body data analysis are provided, including weight, body fat, water, BMI, muscle mass, and more.

Real-time Ideal Weight: The Mi Smart Scale 2 offers real-time measurement of your ideal weight based on height, age, BMI, and other data.

Body Balance Assessment: Enhance your balance and reduce the risk of falls with the built-in body balance ability test.

Smart User Identification: It can automatically identify up to 16 family members, and even has a guest mode for temporary users.

Infant Weighing Support: You can weigh infants while carrying them, and the scale will automatically calculate the baby's weight.

Object Weighing: Besides people, the scale can weigh objects as small as 100g, making it practical for everyday use.

Elegant Design: With a sleek tempered glass finish, rounded corners, and hidden LED screen, it seamlessly blends into any home environment.

Bluetooth 5.0: It utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 for faster and more stable data transmission.

Enhance your fitness journey with the Mi Smart Scale 2 – a versatile, accurate, and elegant addition to your daily routine.

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