Toshiba Refrigerator 2 Door 230L Metallic Grey

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The Toshiba GR A33AS(SK) refrigerator, with a capacity of 472 liters is designed to keep your food fresh and tasty for durations making it perfect for medium to families. It comes with doors for access and is built using durable high quality materials.

This refrigerator has an energy 4 star rating. Uses a Frost Free defrost system eliminating the need for manual defrosting. Toshibas Inverter Technology ensures temperature control maximizing efficiency while minimizing energy consumption.

To maintain the freshness and flavor of your food the refrigerator features an LED Hybrid BIO Deodorizer equipped with a photo catalyst filter and LED lamp that removes molecules and bacteria.

The top mount freezer compartment utilizes Dual Cooling Zone technology for cooling making it suitable for beverages well as preserving fresh meats and fish. This feature also helps reduce odors and bacteria in the air.

In summary the Toshiba GR A33AS(SK) refrigerator offers performance along, with storage space energy saving capabilities and advanced technologies to ensure your food stays fresh and delicious.

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