Sony 85 Inch 4K HDR Smart LED TV

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The Sony X90K Series is a remarkable 4K television featuring their cutting-edge BRAVIA XR technology, providing stunning real-life color and contrast. With Cognitive Processor XR™, this TV emulates human vision and hearing, delivering an incredibly lifelike viewing and listening experience. It's designed to replicate how the human eye perceives depth, contrast, and colors, creating an immersive visual experience.

The Full Array LED panel, powered by Cognitive Processor XR™, dynamically controls the backlight in zones, resulting in realistic contrast in both bright and dark scenes. This intelligent processing offers lifelike colors and depth that match real-world experiences.

Sound is equally impressive with Acoustic Multi-Audio™ technology, ensuring that audio precisely matches the on-screen action, providing an immersive viewing experience. Voice search simplifies content discovery, allowing you to find your favorite shows or movies by simply speaking commands.

The TV is integrated with Google TV, which brings together content from various apps and subscriptions, organizing them for easy access. It also features an environmentally conscious design, using recycled plastics in its bezel and employing unique backlight control technologies to reduce power consumption.

The Cognitive Processor XR™ powers a wide color spectrum, offering over a billion natural colors with subtle variations. XR Contrast Booster adjusts brightness to deliver deeper blacks and brighter highlights, enhancing scenes' realism.

Additionally, XR 4K Upscaling enhances content to near-4K quality, regardless of the source, by intelligently recreating textures and details. For fast-moving scenes, XR Motion Clarity™ ensures smooth and clear action, making it perfect for sports and action movies.

The TV also offers XR Sound technologies, including sound positioning tweeters for accurate audio placement and XR Surround for a 3D audio experience. When paired with Sony audio equipment, it elevates your audio-visual experience even further.

The TV features Voice Zoom™ 2 for clearer dialogue and ambient optimization technology that adjusts picture and sound to your surroundings automatically. You can also enhance your viewing experience with the optional BRAVIA CAM, which optimizes sound and picture based on your location in the room.

This Sony TV is compatible with various streaming services and supports streaming from iOS and Android devices. Its remote is designed with easy cleaning in mind and can control multiple connected devices, streamlining your home entertainment setup.

With a minimalist One Slate design, the TV maximizes screen real estate while minimizing bezels. It also supports Creator Calibrated Modes, IMAX Enhanced, and Dolby Vision®, ensuring you experience content as the creators intended.

Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode optimizes Netflix content based on your room's lighting conditions, delivering studio-quality visuals. The TV also offers a range of accessibility features and an eco-friendly design, aligning with Sony's commitment to sustainability.

In summary, the Sony X90K Series is a feature-packed 4K TV that delivers stunning picture quality, immersive sound, and a range of smart features, all while being environmentally conscious. It's designed to provide an exceptional home entertainment experience.

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