Philips NT5650/16 5000 Series Nose, Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer

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The Philips Nose Trimmer Series 5000 is designed for ultimate comfort and efficient trimming of nose, ear, eyebrow, and detail hair. It features PrecisionTrim technology and a Protective Guard system to ensure a smooth and easy trim without pulling or tugging.

Key Features:

Gently trims nose, ear, eyebrow, and detail hair with total comfort.

Protective Guard System covers the blades to prevent direct skin contact and minimize missed hairs, pulling, or tugging.

Dual-sided precision trimmer allows effortless trimming from any angle and direction.

Fully washable for easy cleaning.

Powered by AA battery.

Comes with a detail trimmer, 3 combs (3mm precision comb, 5mm precision comb), and a pouch for storage and travel convenience.

This nose trimmer is engineered for safety and comfort, making it a reliable tool for grooming your facial hair with ease and precision. With its easy and efficient trimming capability, you can achieve the desired look without nicks and cuts. The trimmer is suitable for use on nose, ear, and eyebrow hair, and it includes a detail trimmer for precise styling of your beard or goatee.

Whether you need to trim unwanted hair or shape and define your facial hair, the Philips Nose Trimmer Series 5000 provides a comfortable and effective grooming experience. Its Protective Guard System ensures a smooth trim without any discomfort, and the dual-sided precision trimmer enables effortless trimming from various angles. Keep yourself groomed and looking sharp with this reliable and user-friendly nose trimmer from Philips.

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