Philips BHS675/03 Straight Care Straightener Black

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The Philips SplitStop straightener, model BHS675, is designed to keep your hair split-free and in the spotlight. Featuring SplitStop Technology and a UniTemp sensor, this straightener ensures beautifully styled hair with healthy-looking ends. The SplitStop Technology combines a UniTemp sensor and smooth ceramic plates to prevent split ends effectively. The UniTemp sensor maintains a consistent styling temperature, protecting your hair from unnecessary high heat exposure. This technology allows for achieving the same results with a 20°C lower heat setting, resulting in healthier-looking ends.

Moreover, the straightener's ceramic plates are infused with keratin, a vital ingredient for strong and healthy hair. This infusion enhances hair care, leaving your locks looking gorgeous. With a heat-up time of just 30 seconds and a maximum temperature of 230°C, this straightener is efficient and versatile. Its high-performance heater ensures even heating, and the 25x105 mm plate size allows for effective styling. The straightener comes with features like auto shut-off after 30 minutes, a hanging loop, ceramic coating, and a swivel cord for added convenience.

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