Dyson Pure Cool Purifier Fan Tower White/Silver

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Unafraid to stand apart, James Dyson has always done things differently. After toying with classics and art at school, he studied furniture design at the Royal College of Art. But instead of dowels and drawers, he found engineering. And with it, his passion. In 1978, dissatisfied with the performance of his new Hoover Junior, James had an idea. He'd spotted a local sawmill using cyclone technology to separate sawdust particles from the air. Could this work on a vacuum cleaner? James ripped off his Hoover's clogging, stinking bag and replaced it with a crude cardboard prototype of his cyclone design - and it worked. Fast-forward over two decades. Dyson has grown from one man with one idea, to a global technology enterprise of over 10,000 people. Nearly half of them are engineers. From acoustic to robotic, software to electronics, they use their diverse skills to solve the problems others ignore. Every year, the UK faces an annual shortfall of 59,000 engineers.

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