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The HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro is a cutting-edge smart scale designed to provide comprehensive body composition analysis. It boasts several remarkable features that set it apart:

Pro-level Dual Frequencies: Unlike traditional scales, the Scale 3 Pro uses both low and high frequencies for precise body muscle and fat measurements, resulting in more accurate results.

Comprehensive Body Indicators: The scale provides a thorough analysis of 10 general and 12 segmental body indicators, offering insights into various aspects of your body composition.

HUAWEI TruFit™ 2.0 Body Composition Model: Developed in collaboration with experts, this model employs advanced technology and data verification to enhance accuracy.

Eight Electrodes: With eight electrodes, the scale measures both lower and upper limbs, providing detailed and precise full-body data.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Connection: Connect the scale to your home Wi-Fi or directly to your phone via Bluetooth. The HUAWEI Health App displays your data conveniently and allows for multiple user profiles.

Ergonomic Design: The scale features a user-friendly design with an adjustable hand sensor and a comfortable, anti-skid surface. The LED display lights up when in use.

Additionally, the scale emphasizes the importance of body fat percentage, as it can differ significantly among individuals of the same weight. It also highlights the significance of fat distribution in health and showcases how the Scale 3 Pro can help users monitor these aspects.

The HUAWEI Scale 3 Pro is suitable for a range of users, including families, and is compatible with HUAWEI watches and bands. It promotes healthier lifestyle choices and is equipped with quality tests to ensure reliability and durability.

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