Always All in One Ultra Thin Night sanitary 20 Pieces

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Always Pads are a trusted and reliable feminine hygiene product designed to provide superior protection and comfort during menstruation. These pads are specifically crafted to cater to women's needs, offering long-lasting absorbency and leak-proof protection to ensure a worry-free period.

Key Features:

Super Absorbent Core: The pads feature a highly absorbent core that quickly locks away moisture, keeping you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day.

LeakGuard+RapidDry Technology: With LeakGuard+RapidDry technology, the pads prevent leaks and provide fast absorption to keep you protected and comfortable.

Soft and Comfortable: Always Pads are made with a soft top layer that feels gentle against your skin, providing maximum comfort and reducing irritation.

Flexi-Wings: The pads come with flexi-wings that securely wrap around your underwear, preventing shifting and ensuring a snug fit.

Odor Neutralizing Technology: These pads are equipped with odor neutralizing technology to help you feel confident and odor-free during your period.

Different Sizes and Absorbencies: Always offers a range of pad sizes and absorbencies to suit different flow levels and preferences.

Individually Wrapped: Each pad is individually wrapped, making them convenient and easy to carry discreetly in your purse or bag.

Always Pads are the ideal choice for active and busy women who want reliable protection and comfort during their menstrual cycle. Trust Always to keep you feeling fresh, dry, and confident all day long.

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